SEO Case Study

Local Business and TraceMedia SEO

An American bistro & catering service located near midtown Manhattan. Traditionally, the catering services focused on weddings, private parties and events. The owners of the restaurant launched a new company – a full service event planning and catering service for corporate clientele. The new service provided a selection of event venues, as well as the catering, bar/wait staff and any additional arrangements needed for the events.

The Challenge

The new company needed to be promoted through the internet, but the Client website did not have a presence in search engines. The company needed both a short-term source of business and a more long-term, stable source of quality clientele.

The Results


“Within a few months of hiring Trace Media, I had a significant jump in profits and I felt assured that the incoming business would continue to increase.”- Dan Kobin, Owner

With Search Engine Optimization and a PPC campaign, position in search engines improved dramatically for the client’s website. Some of their early clients included: Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo, Diesel and Deutsche Bank.

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