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About Trace Media Marketing

A message from Founder & CEO, Chris Dawkins
Ten years ago I was building websites for small businesses when a recurring question from clients, “How do we get more people to see our website?” changed my course. A decade later and we have one of the top-ranked SEO companies in New York because we took the time to learn the answer to that question, and have built our business around it.

The Beginning

When I first began learning about search engines nobody had heard of SEO. In 2000 I started building websites for friends and start-ups after working in digital marketing at a feature film company. After launching a new site, my clients often had the same response. “This is great! Now how do we get people to see it?”

I made it my business to find out and began studying search engines, earned a Google Adwords certification and started managing Google Adwords projects. I remember one of my very first clients invested $500 with me as a trial and generated over $80,000 in new business—in less than two months.  Needless to say they wanted to make this a piece of their marketing mix and I this was sure that a lot of other business owners would like to do the same.

From that moment I started learning all I could about SEO—even though I had to explain what search engine optimization was to nearly every person I met.  People just didn’t understand it, didn’t believe it or both.

Trace Media Marketing, Inc.

Working as a consultant, I was able to show businesses a cost-effective way to market themselves online that was totally new, and in 2006 I took the next step by founding Trace Media Marketing, Inc. At the time, my goal was to provide the highest-quality SEO and only SEO. I didn’t want to dilute focus by trying to offer too much. I wanted TraceMedia to be known for SEO – good SEO.

Our Focus Today

Today, our focus is still SEO, although there’s more involved than there was back then. The principles are the same, but Google has released thousands of updates in the last ten years. The landscape is very different.

Trace Media Culture


192-lexington-nycThe first thing you’ll notice about Trace Media is that we don’t have salespeople. I’ve never believed in it for this industry. Whenever possible I prefer dealing with business owners personally. It makes the conversation more meaningful; plus I get the invaluable opportunity to learn about different industries and business models, all through your eyes.

Our core team members have decades of combined experience in strategic planning, on-site SEO, content development and media outreach. For each of our clients we orchestrate a strategy that’s adaptive and specific to the situation. So you can rest assured you’re in good hands whether your campaign involves creating top-quality content or correcting errors in on-site optimization.

From the start I’ve worked with countless practitioners and the one thing I learned is that very few have the skills & experience, in addition to the focus & ambition to maintain peak performance. So of the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, I’d say 99% are gone and that one remaining percent is Trace Media.

Trace Media Team


Since launching TraceMedia my focus has been to find individuals that not only have the skills & knowledge, but also the drive & ambition to keep improving. The result is a lean, informed and efficient team that looks forward to being challenged.


Every project requires someone to keep an eye on the big picture and supply the direction to keep the campaign on track. This involves analysis of competing websites, keywords and on-site factors. Our service is not like choosing from a menu. The actions we take are specific to your situation, so knowledge is our most powerful asset in building a strategy and adapting along the way.


Your website needs to be flawless in order to be listed near the top of the Google search rankings.  If you don’t have someone managing this, you’re in trouble. Our team members have the focus and experience necessary to make the small changes that supply a big advantage.

Content Marketing

An over-looked element of successful SEO involves providing quality content which enhances the user experience. If the material on your website is lacking, it doesn’t matter how someone got there because they will soon be leaving. Our specialists are experienced in creating & conceptualizing high-quality material for both on-site and off-site (link) purposes that’s valuable to users, clearing the path to higher rankings for your website.