Digital Marketing Strategy

You might have the biggest ship or fastest airplane in the world, but if you don’t have a plan for where you want to go, you’re just going to drift around.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stop Drifting – Give Direction to your Marketing Plan

Understand what’s needed to make your SEO, Adwords and Content generate more revenue

A survey of internal marketers conducted by Adobe recently discovered that:

  76% of all marketers think that Marketing has changed more in the last 2 years than in the last 50.

 Only 40% of marketers believe their company’s overall marketing is effective.

 Only 9% of marketers feel that their digital marketing is effective.

 79% of marketers said a top concern is understanding how their campaigns are performing.

There is clearly a gap between the available marketing tools & channels, and the knowledge to use them effectively. This is the reason we worked hard to develop a solution.

The Digital Marketing Strategy

We’ve seen hundreds of digital campaigns. We’ve seen campaigns achieve high levels of success, and we’ve also campaigns achieve only marginal success. To help understand the reasons for differing levels of success, we analyzed and compared factors of all campaigns.

We found 2 interesting trends… 78% of ‘most successful’ campaigns began with carefully defined objectives and implemented methods to measure progress. Even more striking than this, however, was the trend in the less successful campaigns. A full 100% of these campaigns lacked specific goals and/or a clear method to measure progress.

With this insight, we created a process to allow us launch all campaigns ‘on the right track’ and give each campaign the greatest chance for success.

The resulting Strategy answers the important questions for all areas of digital campaigns:

  How do your competitors appear everywhere, and how can you do the same

  How to choose (and achieve) realistic objectives in SEO

  How to benefit from Social Media

  How and what to Blog about for higher “authority” and more traffic from Google

  How to use Adwords as a conversion tool

  How to get more leads from your existing web traffic

  How to set up reporting that actually tracks progress of your efforts

Our Strategy offers protection in 3 key areas

  Identify and prevent missed opportunities

  Save time by focusing resources on the most important factors

  Avoid big, expensive mistakes with reports that measure short-term goals

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?
Strategy development typically requires 4 weeks.
How much does it cost?
Strategies range in cost from $5,000 – $10,000 for complex campaigns, to $1,500 for the simplest campaigns. Most commonly, businesses spend around $2,500 for a complete strategy.
What does the final Strategy look like?
The final Strategy is delivered in a PDF report, with links to any necessary supporting materials. The report seeks to identify any and all issues related to the topics outlined above, and for each section, includes:

  • Explanation of the Problem, Challenge or Objective
  • The Recommended Solution or Potential Solutions
  • Instructions for Implementation
  • Optional Implementation by our team
What happens after we receive the Strategy?
One of three things can happen…

  1. You can implement the Strategy with your in-house team
  2. You can choose an outside firm to implement the Strategy
  3. You can request that we implement the Strategy

The Strategy and supporting research gave us a new direction and complete confidence while moving forward.

– Strategy Client