Special Agent SEO

Online Marketing Consultants

… for Small Business

One difficulty as a small business owner – is that you probably don’t have resources to maintain a full-time, experienced online Marketing Manager, let alone a team of qualified digital marketers,  The SEO & digital agencies that are available typically offer monthly contracts – ranging from $5,000 upwards, without any guarantee of work quality, or indication of what the service involves.

No Contracts

Projects at TraceMedia are billed by the hour – no contracts.  We have a team of professionals ready to work with you – whether you need a copywriter for one day or a specialist to completely revamp and implement your SEO strategy.  Arrangements are always by the hour, with discounts available to clients who prefer a retainer.

Our team members range in experience in their respective fields from 5-14 years.  We have the following team members available to help with your project or campaign:

SEO Team Rates

Use hours however you like… Need an SEO expert at your next meeting?  We can do that. Want help evaluating potential SEO agencies before the board meeting?  No problem – whatever it is, let us know and we’ll send over our rates. We don’t post them here, but we’re happy to send the link – if you ask nicely.